Independent Physician Group Exceeds National Average, Switching 8% of Traditional Medicare Patients to Medicare Advantage Through Integrated Marketing Campaign.

The Challenge

For an independent physician group, keeping their patient population healthy is more important now than ever before for their long-term profitability. As the trend for value-based care models continues, focus is on improving patient outcomes, lowering costs and increasing overall access to care in order to be profitable.

For some physician groups, this means switching their traditional Medicare patients to Medicare Advantage plans, which enables them to better manage care for their patients and improve patient outcomes. So, when an independent physician group approached MassMedia Health to develop a national campaign focused on switching its traditional Medicare patients to Medicare Advantage plans, we were eager to help.

When it comes to switching and even choosing a plan, many older adults shop for coverage, but very few switch. In fact, according to Deft Research’s 2016 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study, only 6% of traditional Medicare patients switched to Medicare Advantage. MassMedia Health set out to develop an integrated campaign that would convince traditional Medicare patients to convert to Medicare Advantage, with the goal of switching more than 6% to Medicare Advantage by the end of Open Enrollment.

Our Approach

Knowing the percent of switchers is low, we worked to truly understand what spurs adults 65+ to switch coverage. With a deep understanding of our audience’s motivations and pain points, our team carefully crafted messaging and compelling creative to educate on MA plans and motivate traditional Medicare patients to switch to Medicare Advantage.
But the right message only works at the right time and with the right frequency. During our research, we learned that more than half of patients who did switch plans had shopped persistently throughout Open Enrollment.

MassMedia Health took a 360-degree approach to communicating the benefits of Medicare Advantage, engaging patients persistently throughout Open Enrollment using a variety of touchpoints. With an understanding of the importance of human touch and direct mail, our campaign focused on personal calls to traditional Medicare patients from team members at the medical group and a series of impactful direct mail pieces deployed throughout the Open Enrollment period. In addition, emails and in-practice educational marketing materials were developed.

The campaign led with an attention-grabbing, high-impact direct mail package designed to drive greater engagement than the typical direct mail pieces sent to seniors during this critical time.
The packages were mailed to more than 1,000 traditional Medicare patients making a powerful impression and building upon the relationship between the medical group and the patients they serve. The package was followed by a series of two additional pieces with increasing urgency as Open Enrollment came to an end.

Prior to Open Enrollment, MassMedia Health worked closely with the independent medical group’s internal team to educate them on the benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan. We created training tools and resources for doctors, care teams and nurses. Through role-playing, scripting and Q&A sheets, we ensured teams were comfortable speaking with patients and directing them to review their plans with a licensed insurance agent.

Knowing agents were a critical component, we worked closely with them by conducting trainings and providing educational materials to help them understand the benefits of Medicare Advantage with the independent medical group.

The Result

While internal trainings began prior to Open Enrollment, the patient campaign ran the duration of Open Enrollment, October 15-December 7, and resulted in 8% of the independent medical group’s traditional Medicare patients switching to Medicare Advantage. Through MassMedia’s campaign, we were able to inform traditional Medicare patients about the benefits of Medicare Advantage, pique interest, spur action, and exceed the national average of 6% for switching.

MassMedia Health brings over a decade of Medicare marketing experience. If you’d like to learn more about how to switch your original Medicare patients to Medicare Advantage, we’d love to help. Call 702-433-4331 or send us a note at