The Challenge

Located just a few miles east of the Las Vegas Strip, Sunrise Hospital is part of the HCA Far West Division of medical centers and is Nevada’s largest acute care facility and a verified Level II Trauma Center. The hospital serves thousands of Southern Nevada residents each year, but it is increasingly becoming the hospital of choice for many visitors to the area who require emergent and acute care during their stay. Given its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, Sunrise Hospital must ensure that tourists know of the hospital and consider it as an option for their healthcare needs. When Sunrise Hospital engaged MassMedia Health, it had a robust hotel outreach program in place to educate hotel staff and drive referrals to hotel guests, but the hospital lacked a direct-to-consumer strategy. To augment its existing efforts, Sunrise Hospital tasked MassMedia Health with developing and implementing a digital strategy to reach the tourist market and ultimately drive patients to Sunrise Hospital’s emergency room.

Our Approach

To develop the most effective strategy, the campaign required market research to assess the opportunity within the tourist market and obtain a clear understanding of the audience mindset and their preferences. MassMedia Health developed audience profiles and conducted surveys among each of the audience subsets to pinpoint how they were finding medical centers and healthcare options during their stay in Las Vegas. The survey results and subsequent research data confirmed that a robust digital strategy with paid online search, mobile display, search retargeting and Facebook advertising would be most effective with this audience. Careful consideration was given to the audience targeting strategy. MassMedia Health used multiple targeting tactics, including contextual and audience-based targeting to ensure the ads reached the right prospects. We also pinpointed where most of the searches were occurring to build an optimal geofence around the Las Vegas Strip and downtown areas. Efforts and spending were increased around large-scale conferences and events and during time periods of high visitor traffic throughout the year.

We knew the right creative execution would be essential to capture the attention of the busy tourist. As part of the campaign mix, MassMedia Health utilized rich media ad units featuring the distance from the user’s current location to the hospital. The creative was refreshed regularly throughout each month to ensure relevancy to the Las Vegas Strip tourist. The ad rotation included event-specific messaging and imagery that played off the current happenings on and near the Las Vegas Strip. Utilizing verified walk-in tracking technology, we were able to see the monthly hospital visits from users who had been served the digital ads. The campaign was launched prior to the New Year holiday in 2017, a peak tourist event for the Las Vegas Strip, and it was optimized on a weekly basis to ensure efficiency in our media spend and creative.

HCA Digital Ads Horizontal

The Result

The initial campaign ran for one year and exceeded each of the established benchmarks for impressions, clicks, click-through rate and cost-per-click. The digital efforts drove significant traffic to the hospital’s website with very low bounce rates, indicating the ad targeting was effective and reached those in the correct need state. Most importantly, the hospital reported an increase in overall ER patient volume after the campaign launched and the verified walk-ins showed a consistent lift in month-over-month visits to the ER throughout the duration of the campaign due to our team’s optimization efforts.