The Nevada Division of Insurance (NDOI) provides information about health insurance news and options to consumers across the state. Responsible for protecting consumer rights and public interest, the NDOI regulates the insurance industry within Nevada. In accordance with state law, the NDOI reviews insurance policies and licenses providers, constantly monitoring their operations.

Most Nevadans were not aware of the NDOI or its consumer protection services. Additionally, while the division’s website housed valuable information regarding insurance and options available to Nevadans, this information needed to be more accessible and understandable. The majority of the NDOI’s information was readily available on its website, but even those who were aware of the division had difficulty locating and understanding the resources available. A traditional website was not an option. MassMedia was tasked to design a website that would allow consumers to easily find and understand their insurance options, and do so within the confines of the state’s existing web system.

The NDOI had set out to be the single information source for Nevadans and wanted to encourage people to contact them with insurance questions and concerns. To raise awareness, MassMedia developed a strategic plan designed to resonate with the core audience. This group included the majority of adults both in the populous counties, as well as throughout Nevada’s vast rural regions.

MassMedia’s team determined it was necessary to demystify insurance. By simplifying the process, audiences would be more receptive to information, and therefore more likely to visit the NDOI website to learn more. MassMedia developed a brand for the division which included the tagline: “TALK TO US. WE’RE HERE TO HELP.” This tagline was in all tools and materials developed in order to reinforce the message that the NDOI is a consumer-protection agency.

MassMedia’s first task was to develop an online rate tool within the state’s existing website system that would allow consumers to easily search and compare all approved insurance plans available to them. With pressure mounting from state officials and agencies, MassMedia worked alongside the division’s IS teams to quickly develop and launch the rate review tool and re-designed home page in the fall of 2013.


To promote the new site, MassMedia’s public outreach strategy
involved placing the message in multiple mediums—including
print, radio, and online advertising.


The following year, a national study revealed that only 14% of Nevadans were considered “insurance literate.” The NDOI tasked MassMedia with ways to make the rate review more accessible while also educating the public on the basics.

With a limited budget available, MassMedia proposed the development of two new digital resources to promote and educate on the division’s services prior to the 2014-2015 Exchange Open Enrollment period. First, MassMedia would develop an educational microsite, The microsite included an interactive user experience based on various healthcare scenarios consumers face. Users would interact with the site mascot throughout various environments while the mascot described the ways in which insurance is utilized throughout, in practical terms. The site also encouraged visitors to jump to the NDOI’s rate review tool to compare insurance options.

Secondly, as the majority of NDOI’s target user were also smartphone users, MassMedia would develop a mobile app version of the division’s rate review tool for use on iPhone and Android. The mobile apps translated all of the functions of the rate review site into a fully-functional mobile app that users could download for free to compare insurance options.

With a goal to launch and promote both tools for the 30 days leading up to the 2014-2015 Exchange Open Enrollment, both tools launched in September 2014 and were promoted exclusively through a highly-targeted digital advertising campaign. Advertisements including some display advertising as well as a Facebook advertising campaign that allowed users to download the mobile app directly from Facebook.


Within the first 30 days of the new website launch, more than
1,000 visitors were recorded—an unprecedented amount for a
new government website, according to NDOI. Comparing this to
historical data, we found that: