We help you navigate these challenges and achieve concrete business goals.

In a rapidly changing healthcare industry, your company faces new and complex challenges. As a fully integrated agency, we work with healthcare teams to grow, retain, and engage patient populations with strategic communication campaigns and business plans. From adapting to changes that affect your populations to enhancing the patient experience, we provide comprehensive solutions that achieve clear, measurable results. Our team of experts and creative professionals are not just highly experienced in the industry— we are passionate about healthcare.

Our team integrates with clinic and operational leadership to understand the shifting landscape and strategies necessary for success. We act as partners with your team to create results-driven initiatives to keep your company thriving.


We help to grow your patient base, engage your base both internally and externally and construct strategic retention programs based on your business concerns.
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    We understand that growing your patient base is what drives the bottom line, but will your current strategy continue to expand your population amid the changing healthcare landscape? Today, patients are consumers of healthcare. They understand that they have a choice when it comes to their options and are doing thorough comparisons before making that choice.

    Whether you are wanting to grow your fee-for-service or managed care panel, MassMedia Health’s team will plan and lead an objective-driven approach to achieve your goals. We are specialized in developing sound strategies by identifying the right audience for your message and the best ways to move them to action. Each audience requires a unique message whether it is for your commercial or Medicare Advantage patients. We use research and analytics to find out where they live, work and play; what they read, and how they consume information. Then, we work with your team to develop a program for your growth strategy with messaging that resonates and an execution plan that drive results.

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    We understand that it is not enough to just grow your patient base. Sometimes, retaining your base can be even more important.

    In today’s highly-competitive healthcare industry, patients have a choice. Patients look to your organization to help them navigate the complex system and make them feel at ease. MassMedia Health works closely with internal teams to develop integrated retention programs that allow you to create stickiness with your patients. Through a strategic mix of member events, paid media and feedback tools, we help you to maintain a happy patient base. We even help you identify and engage patients that can serve as your brand’s best ambassadors in promotional efforts and in the community with testimonial programs that expand your reach with current and potential new patients.

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    As the shift in compensation and reimbursement models turn a focus to patient outcomes and satisfaction, engagement of the patient and your team has never been more important.

    With the industry’s move from volume-based to value-based care, confusion over how to best deliver quality care and measure patient satisfaction continues to amass. At MassMedia Health, we have been a part of a number of conversations surrounding this shift. We proudly develop and deploy strategies that support your team in patient-centered programs that allow you to manage and improve your quality and satisfaction scores.

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The MassMedia Health team combines passion with knowledge to drive innovative strategies for your business. With your goals in mind, our healthcare experts supply strategic insight for marketing to both existing and prospective patients.
Paula Yakubik
Paula Yakubik
Managing Partner
Paula’s drive and determination turned her start-up business into a multi-million dollar corporation that has continued to grow despite economic downturns.

Kassi Belz
Kassi Belz
Kassi has spent her career positioning and building brands, providing strategic vision, and managing campaigns that garner compelling business results.

Georgeann Pizzi
Georgeann Pizzi
Senior Vice President
As Senior Vice President, Georgeann serves on the agency’s senior leadership team and oversees MassMedia’s corporate and consumer services division where she leads a specialized team of communications professionals.

Casey Floyd
Casey Floyd
VP of Integrated Marketing
Casey Floyd serves as the VP of Integrated Marketing at MassMedia. He brings almost a decade of experience in marketing, project management and digital strategy.

Lisa Montague
Lisa Montague
VP of Media/Operations/Production
Lisa has been working in the advertising industry for more than 10 years, starting off as an Account Executive before finding her true passion of media buying in 2007.

Dee Anna Paredes
Dee Anna Paredes
Account Director
Dee Anna’s experience in marketing, branding and event production ensures the messages of MassMedia’s clients reach their intended audiences, which drives customers to the clients and increases their revenues

Jennifer Bradley
Jennifer Bradley
Media Relations Director
As Media Relations Director, Jennifer oversees MassMedia’s media relations department where she leads a team of specialized public relations professionals. Jennifer Bradley has more than six years in media relations and seven years of non-profit experience in the Las Vegas community.


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